Vardenafil – Knowing the purpose, effect and dosage

It feels quite awkward when you fail to meet your partner’s required sexual urges. Also, it makes you feel unconfident and unsecured about your personal life. Especially for males, it becomes a nightmare when a man suffers from erectile dysfunctionality. This is a situation that can be described as the incapability of penis to erect. To save men from this problem Vardenafil plays its role by curing the erectile dysfunctionality.

How the drug works?

There are two blood vessels that are connected to penis which are responsible for erection. The one vessel loads up the blood in the organ causing the erection and other one takes down the blood which finally destroys erection. Vardenafil contract the blood vessel that takes the blood down making the penis to erect for longer duration.

Effects of the drug

  • Increase in erection duration – This drug increases the duration of penis erection. In an experiment conducted by a researcher on itself, it resulted in erection up to 8 hours of duration.


Adverse effect

No drug can claim that it is free from side effects as they are prone to have some. The same is the case with Vardenafil. Some of the side effects that are causes by this drug are listed below.

  • Low blood pressure – Several chemical reactions in the body due to intake of this drug causes lower level of blood pressure. This drains out energy and makes you feel tired.
  • Headache – Headache has been reported by various users during the consumption of the drug as a side effect. This caused them discomfort and many problems carrying out there daily activities.
  • Body part swelling – Swelling of body parts like mouth, tongue is a common side effect that has chances to occur. Swelling happens due to irregular blood flow and in various body parts and organs.

Dose of the drug

The standard amount of dosage includes 5mg to 10mg of dosage taken as prescribed by the experts. But this amount can vary depending on individual to individual bases on their physical traits. For person bigger than average size, the dose can vary up to 20mg and for the person smaller than average size the same dose goes down to 2.5mg.

General advice regarding the drug

Our advice regarding Vardenafil is that it should be used unless you have prescribed a doctor or an expert. Consulting a doctor or an expert will help you achieve results with less chances to get any type of side effects.