Chocolate Can Slow Down The Signs Of Aging

If you were to believe the researchers at the Lycotec Institute, who bars of chocolate a day can progressively slow down aging. That’s definitely good news for the chocoholics out there, but the million-dollar question is why chocolate out of all things?

The researchers had the Lycotec institute had found that cocoa has an unique way of binding with protein molecules inside the bloodstream and that is what slows down the process of aging. Of course, there is the danger of putting on excess calories if you continue replacing your regular meals with chocolate (and that again could boost the aging process), but researchers have found out that the brown manna actually offers immense anti-aging benefits. The researchers have also developed a new product that basically boosts the binding power of the cocoa molecules and they claim that the product is capable of performing at least 20 times better than traditional chocolate as far as its antiaging properties are concerned.

The good news is, this new product is not supposed to taste like cardboard because according to the researchers at this research center in the United Kingdom, and the addition of Lycosome is not going to have any impact on the taste of the chocolate. The product is yet in the developmental stage and it cannot be said for certain that this new avatar of chocolate is going to be the next best sellingsuperfoodon the Internet, but it’s definitely going to be very high in cocoa flavonols and that pressure is going to have a positive impact on the skin oxygenation process.

Chocolate basically contains cocoa flavonols that are excellent antioxidants and have a positive impact on the immune system. These chemicals are capable of flushing out toxins from inside the body faster and that again has a positive impact on the skin.

Researchers have also found that dark chocolate is actually good for your heart and brain. Dark chocolate has the capability of improving blood flow inside the blood vessels and that can prevent the formation of untimely blood clots that lead to heart attacks. They also have a positive impact on the arteries and are capable of preventing arteriosclerosis. Apart from flavonols, chocolate also contains phenylethylamine that is responsible for making you feel better when you dig into a bar of chocolate. This chemical is not only responsible for making you feel ecstatic, but also responsible for encouraging the brain to release endorphins that have a positive impact on overall cognitive health. The blood flow to the brain cells also gets improved and that helps relieve tension. For more information use this website – Dr Michael ZachariaWe are not unaware of the fact that mental tension has a negative impact on skin health and leads to aging – chocolate can actually solve the problem!

However, you need to understand that chocolate is not a medicine and could have an impact on your body weight and habit. Small amounts of chocolate every day is okay depending on your overall state of health, but you shouldn’t live off it!